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 Results 2018

Horse Show Results

Open Hunter: Sally Ellis-Gray on Polden Partytime; Martha Little on Silver Osprey; Jayde Sleaford on Lord Oliver

Riding Horse: Sally Ellis-Gray on Polden Partytime; Martha Little on Silver Osprey

Retrained racehorse: Flora Corbin on Nowhere over There; Debbie Cook on Follow the Master

Working Hunter: Millie Salway on Fentons Boy

Working Pony: Lily Morrisey on Joey; Cecilia Fawden on Kaz

Best Turned Out: Zara Westcott on Penny; Zoe Westcott on Poppy

Lead Rein Pony: Sophia Scott on Primrose

First Ridden Pony: Grace Takle on Casper; Zara Westcott on Penny; Zoe Westcott on Poppy

Child's Pony: Grace Takle on Casper; Zoe Westcott on Poppy; Zara Westcott on Penny

Pony Club Type Pony: Grace Takle on Casper; Elsie Thomas on Merlin; Sophie Day on Mouse

Champion, classes 1-5 & 7-10: Sally Ellis-Gray on Polden Partytime; reserve Martha Little on Silver Osprey

Fancy Dress: Georgia Follett on Bugsy; Sophia Scott on Primrose; Hayden Burland on Ginger

Young stock hunter/hack: Hannah Ball & Toffee

Best Veteran: Jayde Sleaford on Lord Oliver; Daisy Thomas on Merlin; Hannah Ball on O'Toole

Champion classes 12-15: Jayde Sleaford on Lord Oliver; reserve Hannah Ball & Toffee

Exmoor pony 4 years & over, in hand: Lloyd Parry & Tawbitts Ambrose; Dawn Westcott & Lapwing

Exmoor yearling, 2 or 3 year old: Gemma Parry & Tawbitts Xray

Mountain & moorland 4 years & over, ridden: Olivia Day on Mouse

Mountain & moorland yearling, 2 or 3 year old: Sue Popham & Treflan Elfred; Angela Holroyd & Chilcombe Georgie Porgie; Hannah Ball & Toffee

Champion classes 16 - 20: Sue Popham & Treflan Elfred; reserve Angela Holroyd & Chilcombe Georgie Porgie

Jumping classes

Nursery Stakes -12 & under: A Menon (Queenie), H Vigars (Blaze), A Menon (Rolo), H Burland (Ginger)

18 & under Z Westcott (Penny), E Fawden (Jack), E Thomas (Merlin), I Bruce (Tom)

Restricted 2': Daisy Topp on Sheba; Tom Andrews on Felix; Tamara King on Flicker

Scurry 2' 3": Daisy Topp on Freddie; Millie Salway on Fentons Boy; Edward Topp on Bellamy

Pairs relay: Edward Topp on Bellamy & Toby Topp on Sheba; Daisy Topp on Freddie & Toby Topp on Bellamy; Millie Salway on Fentons Boy & Tom Andrews on Felix

Novice 2' 6": Flora Corbin on Nowhere over There; Lily Morrisey on Joey; Tamara King on Flicker

Open 2' 6": Amy Miller on Casper; Daisy Topp on Freddie; Toby Topp on Sheba; Sally Ellis-Gray on Inky

Scurry 2'9": Edward Topp on Bellamy; Daisy Topp on Freddie; Megan Lewis on Jeremy

Open 3': Edward Topp on Bellamy; Megan Lewis on Jeremy; Toby Topp on Sheba

Chase me Charlie: Megan Lewis on Jeremy; Emily Burge on Tom; Amy Miller on Casper


Section A: Hayden Burland on Ginger; Alice Menon on Rolo; Daisy Thomas on Pepsi & Daisy Bishop on Scrumpy

Section B: Tom Andrews on Felix; Elsie Thomas on Merlin; Alfie Davis on Alfie

Section C: Toby Topp on Freddie; Daisy Topp on Rosebud; Edward Topp on Taffy


Best Female Pair J Scripps, Lady Acland, Brown & Allum

Old Ram Brown & Allum, T Atkins & Sons, D Butt

Shearling Ram (Ley Cup) J Scripps, D Potter, Brown & Allum

Ram Lamb D Butt, J Scripps, D Potter

Old Ewe Lady Acland, D Butt, V Kingshotte

Shearling Ewe J Scripps, A & C Brown, T Atkins & Sons

Ewe Lamb D Potter, D Potter, V Kingshotte

Exmoor Mule Lamb V Kingshotte, J Scripps, V Kingshotte

Exmoor Mule 2 Tooth J Scripps, J Scripps, J Branfield

Junior Showman (10 yrs & under) W Potter, M Atkins, T Atkins

Junior Showman (14 yrs & under) H Ware, A Crockford, J Potter

Champion Junior Showman (Melanie Davis Cup) Henry Ware

Champion sheep (Dick Tucker cup) J Scripps

Best sheep opposite sex to Champion (Sleep & Down Cup) J Scripps

Most points in sheep show (Ex Horn Classes) J Scripps

Melanie Davies cup V Kingshotte


Best pair of 2018 horns P Hurman, T Wyatt, P Elston, J Down

Best pair of pre-2018 L Acreman, J Sully, E Acreman, N Lancelles

Best single horn pre-2018 G Lancelles, M Acreman, R Follet, J Sully

Best pair spring horns (Derek Hicks Plate) B Jones, E Acreman, P Beare, M Acreman

Best single spring horn P Beare, P Beare, M Acreman, M Acreman

Best in-between horn M Acreman, G Lancelles, J Down, M Acreman

Most unusual horn M Acreman, J Sully

Champion Staghorn (M William cup) L Acreman

Reserve Champion P Herman


Pedigree puppy B Trouton, Damson

Any variety sporting B Palmer, Bracken

Any variety non-sporting Z Blackmore, Jinx

Any variety open L Hastings, Scampi

Child handler, 8yrs & under Nicke, River

Child handler, 9yrs & over Izzy, Lottie

Best crossbred A Bagley, Molly

Best Condition, small P Hill, Myrtle

Best Condition, large A Jones, Star

Handsomest Dog A Waywell, Aston

Prettiest Bitch A Limb, Pudding

Pair or family group C Farrar, Willow, Teasel & Razzle

Pair most unalike E Dobson, Buddy & Grengit

Veteran aged 7 years & over C Farrar, Hampton

Waggiest tail E Buck, Buster

Pride of Porlock M Palmer, Cassie

Dog, judge would like to take home B Palmer, Bracken

Best trick K Matthews, River


Jack Russell puppy R Jones, Nell

Coloured terrier puppy T Pincombe, Sky

Smooth Jack Russell dog F Burrows, Sonic

Border dog L Jackson, Max

Lakeland dog C Pincombe, Appsey

Patterdale dog P Langdon, Sooty

Crossbred dog P Langdon, Sweep

Smooth JRT bitch N Buckingham, Ruby

Rough JRT bitch F Burrows, Appsey

Border bitch L Jackson, Max

Lakeland bitch T Pincombe, Appsey

Crossbred bitch L Jackson, Bell

Any working terrier J Yates, Tink

Pair/family group L Jackson, group of 6

Veteran 7 years & over L Jackson, Sam

Pride of Exmoor F Burrows, Pebble

Champion F Burrows, Sonic

Reserve Champion T Pincombe, Appsey


Margaret Rook memorial class C Sherwood, Luna

Lurcher puppy S Doel, Urka

Rough coated bitch over 23 C Hill, Ely

Smooth coated dog over 23 S Doel, Diesel

Smooth coated bitch over 23 C Sherwood, Luna

Rough coated dog under 23 S Baker, Ollie

Rough coated bitch under 23 N Newman, Ella

Smooth coated bitch under 23 C Harris, Lace

Under 21 dog or bitch C Hill, Fae

Pair/family group C Harris, Lark & Gem

Working lurcher A C Harris, Gem

Working lurcher B C Shepherd, Luna

Sight hound class P Hill, Myrtle

Veteran 7 yrs & over C Harris, Gem

Pride of Exmoor A Newman, Ella

Champion C Hill, Ely

Reserve Champion C Shepherd, Luna

Congratulations to all our winners & a massive thank you to all competitors. Hope to see you next year!

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