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Horse Show Results

Open Hunter

1st Jenny Lo-vel on Just Edmund, 2nd Annabelle Gregory on Fenny Field.

Riding Horse

1st Katherine Chilcott on Quantock Golden Jubilee, 2nd Annabelle Gregory on Fenny Field, 3rd Liz Chatfield on Aureate.

Coloured Horse

1st Katherine Chilcott on Quantock Golden Jubilee, 2nd Jo Kelly on Henry.

Working Hunter

1st Jenny Lo-vel on Just Edmund.

Working Pony

1st Rowena Smith on Rosedale Spellbound, 2nd Georgina Allison on Purple Rain, 3rd Lauren Buckingham on Casper,4th Tamara King on Ella.

Best Turned Out

1st Emily Illing on Wilma,2nd Irene Farmer on Darcy, 3rd Ferdy Menon on Queenie, 4th Zara Westcott on Tinkerbell.

Lead Rein Pony

1st Emily Illing on Wilma, 2nd Stephanie Telling on Rockie View Emily, 3rd Zara Westcott on Tinkerbell, 4th Ferdy Menon on Queenie.

First Ridden

1st Emily White on Decklan, 2nd Emily Illing on Wilma, 3rd Alice Menon on Rolo, 4th Zoe Westcott on Poppy.

Child's Pony

1st Rowena Smith on Stychlands Royal Playboy, 2nd Zoe Westcott on Poppy, 3rd Emma Waite-Hudson on McCaffrey, 4th Lauren Buckingham on Casper.

Pony Club Type

1st Rowena Smith on Rosedale Spellbound, 2nd Emma Waite-Hudson on McCaffrey, 3rd Ashley Dascombe on Cracker, 4th Olivia Little on Juno.


Championship classes 1 - 5, & 7 - 10

Champion - Rowena Smith on Stychlands Royal Playboy

Reserve - Jenny Lo-vel on Just Edmund


Fancy Dress

1st Sophia Scott on Primrose, 2nd Max Stevens on Barney, 3rd Ben Sokol on Berry.


Young Stock Hunter/Hack

1st Donna Green & Mushroom, 2nd Bev  Beaver & Arvicii Rose, 3rd Victoria Fear & Blade Trinity.

Mixed Coloured Horses/ponies

1st Sarah Coates on Toffee, 2nd Jo Kelly on Triscombe Ted, 3rd Briony Burge on Flashman, 4th Louise Culliford on Bee.

Retrained Racehorse

1st Lizzie Little on Sara's Ruby, 2nd Amy Miller on Gold Thief.

Best Veteran

1st Ella Sellick on Somerfold Worcester, 2nd Olivia Little on Juno, 3rd Sophie Day on Daniel, 4th Emma Waite-Hudson on McCaffrey (also oldest)


Exmoor Pony

1st Jenny Toze on Brandy Snap, 2nd Joanna Webber on Dunkery Warbler, 3rd Sherilee Matravers on Tawbitts Mischief, 4th Robbie & Sarah Taylor & Greystonegate Concor.

Exmoor Yearling, 2 or 3 year old

1st Katja Fastrich & Greystonegate Dashel.

Mountain & Moorland ridden

1st Zara Westcott on Tinkerbell, 2nd Sarah Coates on Toffee, 3rd Zoe Westcott on Poppy, 4th Emily Illing on Wilma.

Mountain & Moorland in hand

1st Sarah Coates & Toffee, 2nd Sonya Jones & Anandale Foxy Roxy, 3rd Emily Illing & Wilma, 4th Val Chilcott & Alasken.

Mountain & Moorland yearling, 2 or 3 year old

1st Dee Malin & Rhoswen Tillie, 2nd Val Chilcott & Chilcombe Blackthorne, 3rd Donna Green & Mushroom.


Championship classes 16 - 20

Champion - Sarah Coates on Toffee

Reserve - Zara Westcott on Tinkerbell


Jumping Classes

Nursery Stakes - led

1st Danni Cooper on Alfie, 2nd Elsie Thomas on Merlin, 3rd Ferdy Menon on Queenie, 4th Alice Menon on Rolo

Nursery Stakes

1st Lily Sutcliffe on Chico, 2nd Emma Waite-Hudson on McCaffrey, 3rd Danni Cooper on Alfie, 4th Sophie Buckingham on Archie.

Novice 2'

1st Ella Tytler on Lettie, 2nd Daisy Topp on Rosebud, 3rd Daisy Topp on Freddie,  = 4th Tamara King on Ella, Ellie Prideaux on Rowena, Molly White on Blackwell Phoenix.

Scurry 2' 3"

1st Edward Topp on Bellamy, 2nd Amy Miller on Caspar, 3rd Daisy Topp on Taffie, 4th Daisy Topp on Rosebud.

Pairs jumping

1st Toby Topp on Sheba & Edward Topp on Bellamy, 2nd Tamara King on Ella & Ella Tytler on Lettie, 3rd Daisy Topp on Taffie & Toby Topp on Freddie, 4th Daisy Topp on Rosebud & Ellie Prideaux on Rowena.

Novice 2' 6"

1st Ella Tytler on Lettie, 2nd Ellie Prideaux on Rowena, 3rd Imogen Evans on Slim Shady, =4th Georgie Evans on Ascot & Daisy Topp on Freddie.

Open 2' 6"

1st Edward Topp on Bellamy, 2nd Paula Tippett on Gabriel, 3rd Amy Miller on Caspar, 4th Daisy Topp on Taffie.

Scurry 2' 9"

1st Amy Miller on Caspar, 2nd Daisy Topp on Freddie, 3rd Ella Tytler on Lettie, 4th Imogen Evans on Slim Shady.

Open jumping

1st Toby Topp on Sheba, 2nd Edward Topp on Bellamy, 3rd Jemma Cooper on Charlie Brown, 4th Amy Miller on Caspar.

Chase me Charlie

1st Jemma Cooper on Charlie Brown, 2nd Paula Tippett on Gabriel.



Group A 7 & under

1st Sam Lock on King - 22 points

2nd Alice Tytler on Bo - 13 points

3rd Tia Gilmore on Bean - 12 points

4th Alice Menon on Rolo - 8 points

Group B 8 - 12 years

1st Ella Tytler on Lettie - 21 points

2nd Lily Sutcliffe on Chico - 15 points

3rd Alfie Davies on Bonny - 13 points

4th Gracie Takle on Mouse - 5 points

Group C open

1st Edward Topp on Taffie - 17 points

2nd Daisy Topp on Rosebud - 15 points

3rd Toby Topp on Freddie - 14 points

4th Emily Burge on Sara - 5 points


Best pair of 2016 horns

1st R Jones, 2nd G Ware, 3rd F Thorne, 4th G Lancelles

Best single horn 2016

1st R Follett, 2nd E Acreman, 3rd J Blake, 4th B Sokol

Best pair of horns pre-2016

1st J Sully, 2nd J Sully, 3rd R Farrant, 4th E Acreman

Best single horn pre-2016

1st G Lancelles, 2nd J Sully, 3rd J Blake, 4th G Lancelles

Best pair spring horns

1st L Acreman, 2nd P Beer, 3rd E Acreman, 4th P West

Best single spring horn

1st Mr Stapleton, 2nd E Acreman, 3rd J Sully, 4th P Beer.

Best inbetween horn

1st E Acreman, 2nd R Floyd, 3rd R Follett, 4th E Acreman.

Most unusual horn

1st G Ware, 2nd J Blake, 3rd J Sully, 4th E Acreman

Champion  J Sully, Res champion  R Jones

Derek Hicks plate  L Acreman


Best female pair

1st T Blackmore, 2nd T Atkins, 3rd Lady Acland, 4th V Kingshotte

Old ram

1st Lady Acland, 2nd J Scripps, 3rd Brown & Allum

Shearling ram

1st J Scripps, 2nd West Somerset College, 3rd Brown & Allum, 4th N Floyd

Ram lamb

1st M Buckingham, 2nd T Blackmore, 3rd T Blackmore, 4th T Atkins

Old ewe

1st T Blackmore, 2nd Brown & Allum, 3rd M Buckingham, 4th Lady Acland

Shearling ewe

1st J Scripps, 2nd T Blackmore, 3rd T Atkins, 4th T Blackmore

Ewe lamb

1st T Blackmore, 2nd M Buckingham, 3rd T Atkins, 4th J Scripps

Exmoor mule lamb

1st J Scripps, 2nd V Kingshotte, 3rd West Somerset College, 4th V Kingshotte

Exmoor mule 2tooth

1st West Somerset College, 2nd V Kingshotte, 3rd West Somerset College, 4th V Kingshotte

Best tame lamb

J Scripp

Champion  Lady Acland     Reserve Champion  T Blackmore

Most points in sheep classes cup  J Scripps

Exmoor mule cup  West Somerset College







Puppy  L Richardson, Bollinger

Sporting  S Rivers, Jasper

Non-sporting  Z Blackmore, Jinx

Open  Z Blackmore, Jinx

Championship  Z Blackmore, Jinx


Child handler, 8 & under   L Palmer, Teddy

Child handler, 9 & under  J Clarke, Bella

Crossbred  S Hutton, Frank

Best condition, small  D Harris, Randy

Best condition, large- T De-Wit, Dino

Handsomest dog  L Richardson, Trubshaw

Prettiest bitch  R Plummer, Bella

Pair/family group  L Richardson, Bollinger & Trubshaw

Pair most unalike  T Wyatt, Mac & Fred

Veteran  P Prole, Max

Waggiest tail  M Foyle, Millie

Pride of Porlock - M Palmer, Cassie

Dog, Judge like to take home  M Foyle, Millie

Best trick  L Fisher, Spratt



Jack Russell puppy  T Curran, Dilly

Coloured terrier puppy  L Jackson, Bell

Smooth JRT dog  C Gill, Skewiff

Rough JRT dog  A Phillips, Brad

Border dog  L Jackson, Max

Patterdale dog  T Curran, Gary

Crossbred dog  J Atkins, Tommy

Smooth JRT bitch  A Phillips, Lucy

Rough JRT bitch  M Battams, Fizzy

Border bitch  L Jackson, Misty

Patterdale bitch  T Curran, Jazz

Crossbred bitch  H Ball, Copper

Entered working  A Phillips, Brad

Pairs -  L Jackson, Red & Max

Veteran  L Jackson, Jess

Pride of Exmoor  P Langdon, Sooty

CHAMPION -  T Curran, Gary

Reserve Champion  A Phillips, Brad



Margaret Rook memorial class  J Mitchell, Skittle

Lurcher puppy  C Harris, Lace

Rough dog over 23  T Ley, Rattie

Rough bitch over 23  C Cornwall, Luna

Smooth dog over 23  J Mitchell, Skittle

Smooth bitch over 23  J Williams, Maggie

Rough dog under 23  L Ruell, Jim

Rough bitch under 23  K Hall, Era

Smooth bitch under 23  K Hall, Eve

SW Lurcher, under 21, champion  K Hall, Gin

Pairs  C Harris, Gem & Lark

Poachers companion  C Harris, Lark

Sight hound  L Ruell, Jo

Veteran  N Marley, Hurley

Champion  K Hall, Eve

Reserve Champion  J Williams, Maggie



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