Porlock Horse Show Horse & Pony Classes 

  This year's show is cancelled.
See you next year.



by kind permission of Mr J Tucker & The National Trust

Commencing 10.00am

Ridden Horse and Pony, In Hand,

Exmoor, Mountain & Moorland

Showing Classes, Clear Round Jumping,

Jumping Classes, Gymkhana 
Exmoor Horn Sheep Show






(Licence applied for)

Admission: £2 per person, £1 car parking

Small Children FREE




Chairman: Mr J Tucker

Treasurer: Mr M Harding

Secretary: Mrs C Dascombe

Email: charmainora@icloud.com



Horses: tbc
Ponies: tbc
In Hand/Coloureds:tbc
Exmoor, Mountain & Moorland: tbc
Jumping: tbc
Course Builder: tbc

Stags Horns: tbc

Veterinary Surgeon: White Lodge Veterinary Clinic

St John Ambulance in attendance


No liability is accepted for any accident or damage to competitors, horses, spectators or property.

General Rules:

1. The judges’ decision is final.

2. Hard hats to current safety standards 2016 (BHS) must be worn in ALL ridden classes, & advised to be worn in all other classes. 
3.Competitors are recommended to wear body protectors during jumping classes.

4. No whips or spurs in the Gymkhana events.

5. Objections to the height of any horse will be dealt with by the Veterinary Surgeon or the Chairman. Their decision is final.

Other objections will be dealt with by the committee.

6. If any Cup awarded at this Show is won three times in succession or

four times in all as from and including 2014, it will become the property of the


7. All exhibits must be 4 years old or over, except in hand classes.

8. All entries to be made on the field.

9. Holders of Porlock Horse Show cups/shields are responsible for their return by the

specified date. Failure to do so will result in the holders being charged for


10. Owners / Competitors should be aware that their Equine Passport should be available

for inspection if requested on the show day.




Ring 1 at 10.00 am

  Class 1: Open Hunter exceeding 15 hh

The Chadwyck Healy Cup to the winner

Kindly Sponsored by Burrowhayes Farm Riding Stables.

Tel: 01643 862463

  Class 2: Riding Horse exceeding 14.2 hh

To be judged 50% Ride and Manners, 50% Conformation.

The Mrs. P. Green Cup to the winner

Kindly sponsored by Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions Ltd.

Tel: 01643 841841


Class 3: Retrained Racehorse - ridden, any height, any age. Must have raced. To be judged 50% conformation, 50% manners. Not to be ridden by the judge.
Kindly sponsored by Exmoor Country Interiors www.exmoorcountryinteriors.co.uk
Tel: 01643 8185637

  Class 4: Working Hunter - exceeding 14.2 hh

The J P Pollard Cup to the winner

Kindly sponsored by Mr & Mrs D Dascombe, Wootton Courtenay.


 Class 5: Working Pony - not exceeding 14.2 hh

Rider any age

The Porlock Horse Show Cup to the winner

Kindly Sponsored by the Royal Oak, Porlock.

Tel: 01643 862798


Ridden Pony Classes 

RING 2 at 10.00 am

Class 6: Best Turned Out - Pony/Rider/Tack - under 15 hh

Waydown Shield to the winner

Kindly sponsored by Waydown Kennels.

Tel: 01643 841523

  Class 7: First Ridden Pony 13 hh and under.

   Rider 12 years and under. 

The Pamela Green Cup to the winner

Kindly sponsored by Burleys Hairdressers, Porlock.

Tel: 01643 862668


Class 8: Child’s Pony 14.2 hh and under.

Rider 16 years and under

The Porlock Horse Show Cup to the winner

Kindly sponsored by The Ship Inn, Porlock.

Tel: 01643 862507


Class 9: Pony Club Type Pony - required to jump a small fence.

Rider any age, (no need to be member of Pony Club). 

Porlock Show Trophy to the winner.

Kindly sponsored by Costcutters Porlock Fayre, Porlock


Tel: 01643 862515 

Class 10: Utility Pony 14.2 & under

Rider 14 years & under
Pony & rider to complete a combination of tasks including small jump & pony handling skills.

The James Phillips Cup to the winner.
Kindly sponsored by Williton Pet Care 01984 631508


Entries: Classes 1 to 10: £5

Prizes: £5 - £3 - £2

Rosettes to 6th place 

Please add £2 per competitor for St John Ambulance cover

Championship: (Ring 1) Classes 1 to 5 and 7 to 10

The Jack Peck Cup and Special Rosette to the winner

All cups to be presented by the President in the secretaries' lorry, after the Championship 



Class 11: (Ring 1 following the Championship): Fancy Dress, Mounted for children any age (may be led)
Kindly sponsored in memory of Mrs A Stapleford

Entry: £2,  Prizes: £5 - £3 - £2   Rosettes to all competitors








 Class 12: Young Stock Hunter/Hack

In Hand, Yearling, 2 Year or 3 Year Old.

Class may be divided if sufficient entries.

Kindly sponsored by Porlock Visitor Centre
Tel: 01643 863150




     Class 13: Mixed Coloured Horses/Ponies - In Hand/Ridden. Class may be divided if sufficient entries.
Kindly sponsored by Mrs R Cape


 Class 14: Best Veteran - open to any breed

15 years & over, any height, any age, ridden or led

Kindly sponsored by White Lodge Veterinary Clinic, Minehead 

01643 703649

The Fleur Challenge Shield to the winner.

Special rosette for the Oldest Veteran. 

Championship - Ring 2,  Classes 12 - 14


Entries: Classes 12 to 15: £5  Prizes: £5 - £3 - £2

Please add £2 per competitor for St. John Ambulance cover




Ring 2 - following the In Hand Classes, not to start before 1pm


 Class 15:  Exmoor Pony 4 years old and over - any sex - In hand

Special foal rosettes to be given in this class.
Kindly Sponsored by Sparkhayes Camping Site, Porlock.

Tel: 01643 862470


 Class 16:  Exmoor Yearling 2 or 3 year old - In Hand 
Cowbridge perpetual Plate to the winner.

The Dr & Mrs Douglas Bennett Challenge Cup to the best entry in Classes 15 & 16.


If insufficient entries Classes 15 & 16 will join classes 18 & 19


 Class 17: Mountain & Moorland Pony 4 years old and over - Ridden - Including Exmoor

Kindly sponsored by Wessex Animal Health 01425 474455 www.wessexanimalhealth.co.uk


 Class 18: Mountain & Moorland Pony 4 years old and over - In Hand - not including Exmoor

Kindly sponsored by D. J. Miles Tea & Coffee Merchants, Porlock.

Tel: 01643 703993


 Class 19: Mountain & Moorland Yearling, 2 or 3 year old - In Hand - not including Exmoor
Kindly sponsored by the Castle Hotel, Porlock



Classes 17 to 19 will be split into small or large breeds if sufficient entries

Entries: Classes 16 to 20 - £5 - Prizes: £5-£3-£2

Please add £2 per competitor for St John Ambulance cover

Championship: Classes 15 to 19

The Henstead Trophy kindly presented by Mrs. Casey


      All cups to be presented by the President in the secretaries' lorry after the Championship






RING 4 -  Start at 10am


Clear Round Jumping - Any height -  Entry fee £2 at Ringside.

Rosettes for all clear rounds.


Nursery Stakes to start at 1pm

Class 20    Nursery Stakes – Fences not to exceed 12”

   Must be led.

Class 21   Nursery Stakes - Fences not to exceed 18"
(12 years & under) not to be led.


Clear Round Jumping will recommence after the Nursery Stakes


ENTRIES – Class 20 - 21: £3

Please add £2 per competitor for St John Ambulance cover.

PRIZES – Classes 20 & 21: 1st Trophy 2nd & 3rd Medal


RING 3 - Start at 10.30am


Class 22   Restricted Novice - 2'0”  The M Williams Cup to the winner

              Horse & Rider combination not to have won a first prize in any jumping class.

 Kindly Sponsored by Tom Williams Garden Machinery, Minehead.
Tel: 01643 703440

 Class 23  Scurry - 2'3” 

                    One round timed against the clock.

                    Kindly sponsored by Mr A R Williams


Class 24   Pairs Relay, Open - 2'3"

            Kindly sponsored by Mr B R Winter. 2 cups given to the winners


Class 25  Novice – 2'6”  The Pamela Green Tankard to the winner
Kindly sponsored by Purple Horse Embroidery & repairs 07760758626

         Novice – Horse & rider combination not to have won total of £15 in Show Jumping Classes.
Kindly sponsored by Purple Horse, Embroidery, Laundry & Repairs

Class 26    Open Jumping - 2'6"


Class  27   Scurry – 2'9” The J Bond Cup to the winner

                    One round timed against the clock.

                    Kindly sponsored by Mr F J Stapleford



Class 28   Open Jumping – 3' The F Kent & Son Cup to the winner



Class 29   Chase me Charlie  ( if time permits on day ).

                   Over one ascending fence.

 Please note - in Classes 22, 25, 26 & 28, the first round will not be timed. Should the competitor achieve a clear round, a bell will sound & a timed jump off round will follow immediately so the competitor does not need to leave the ring.

ENTRIES – Classes 22 - 29: £5

Please add £2 per competitor for St John Ambulance cover.


PRIZES – Classes 22, 24, 25, 26 & 28: £5 - £3 - £2.

                 Classes 23,27,29: 1st Trophy 2nd & 3rd Medal. 
The Rosemary Tucker perpetual cup will be presented to the competitor giving the best jumping round by a local rider (within neighbouring parishes, or a 5 mile radius of Porlock)




Ring 1

To commence approximately at 2 pm (After Horse Showing Classes & Parade of Hounds)

Age Groups:

A - 7 years and under, MUST be led

B - 8 to 12 years, may be led

C - Open

Class 30 Bending A B C  

Class 31 Mug Race A B C

Class 32 Potato Race A B C

Class 33 Flag Race A B C

Class 34 Sack Race A B C

Class 35 Hunt the sweet Race A B C

Class 36 Consolation Race For competitors who have not won a rosette in classes 30 to 35. No Entry Fee.


Entries: Classes 30 to 35 £2 per class

Prizes: £2 - £1.50 - £1 Rosettes in each class to 6th Place

Points system operating in all sections

Cup to winner in each section







To commence at 2pm 

Kindly sponsored by Exmoor Antler Creations

Class 1 Best Pair of 2020 Horns


Class 2 Best Single Horn 2020


Class 3 Best Pair of Horns pre 2020


Class 4 Best Single Horn pre 2020

(Any entry in Class 3 not eligible for class 4)


Class 5 Best Pair of Spring Horns


Class 6 Best Single Spring Horn 

Class 7 Best inbetween Horn (Horns between Autumn & Spring)

Class 8 Best unusual horn

(Any entry in class 5 not eligible for class 6)

All horns must be those which have been shed normally from wild Red Deer - not Park or fed Deer

Entries: 50p per Horn (£1 per pair) - Entries to be made on the field

Prizes: Rosettes will be given for the first four exhibits in each class and

a first prize of £3 will be given to the winner of each class, with a £10 prize for the champion horn.

Champion and Reserve Champion Rosettes

Challenge Cup Presented by

Mr and Mrs M R Westcott to the Champion

Judging to commence at 2.00 pm

All stags horns to remain on show for one hour after completion of judging




The organiser has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents and must obey the instructions of the organiser and all the officials and stewards.



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