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Judge: Mrs J Harding

To commence at 2pm

Class 1 Best Pair of 2018 Horns


Class 2 Best Single Horn 2018


Class 3 Best Pair of Horns pre 2018


Class 4 Best Single Horn pre 2018

(Any entry in Class 3 not eligible for class 4)


Class 5 Best Pair of Spring Horns


Class 6 Best Single Spring Horn 

Class 7 Best inbetween Horn (Horns between Autumn & Spring)

Class 8 Best unusual horn

(Any entry in class 5 not eligible for class 6)

All horns must be those which have been shed normally from wild Red Deer - not Park or fed Deer

Entries: 50p per Horn (1 per pair) - Entries to be made on the field

Prizes: Rosettes will be given for the first four exhibits in each class and

a first prize of 3 will be given to the winner of each class

Champion and Reserve Champion Rosettes

Challenge Cup Presented by

Mr and Mrs M R Westcott to the Champion

Judging to commence at 2.00 pm

All stags horns to remain on show for one hour after completion of judging



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