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Class 1: Open Hunter
1st Olivia Sinclair-Criddle on Budley
2nd Lara Mister on Chocco
3rd Sharon Routley on Blue

Class 2: Riding Horse
1st Debbie Appleby on Miley
2nd Rosie Burge on Claude
3rd Lara Mister on Choco

Class 3: Retrained Racehorse
1st Amy Delbridge on Spectator
2nd Tanisha Little on The Eagle has Landed
3rd Cheryl Scheepers on Ginge

Class 4: Working Hunter
1st Mary Menon on Darry
2nd Sharon Routley on Blue
3rd Lara Mister on Choco

Class 5: Working Pony
1st Alice Menon on Mister Berry
2nd Amy Entwhistle on Lily May
3rd Estella Fawden on Caz

Class 6: Best Turned Out
1st Lacey Binding on Picalo
2nd Amy Pollard on Tuppence
3rd Millie Atkins on Queenie

Class 7: Lead Rein Pony
1st April Watts-Little on Anchors Kryptonite
2nd Millie Atkins on Queenie
3rd Lacey Binding on Picalo

Class 8: First Ridden Pony
1st Chloe Long on Teddy
2nd Scarlett Richards on Nickers
3rd Purdey Mugleston on Monty

Class 9: Child's Pony
1st Alice Menon on Mister Berry 
2nd Imogen Kelland on Blythe
3rd Olivia Day on My Milo

Class 10: Pony Club Type
1st Grace Blackwood on Dave
2nd Katie Floyd on Monty
3rd Imogen Kelland on Blythe

Championship Classes 1-5 & 7-10
Champion - Mary Menon on Darry
Reserve - Alice Menon on Mister Berry

Class 11: Fancy Dress
1st Millie Atkins on Queenie
2nd Bertie Binding on Picalo
3rd Edith Burge on Poppy

Class 12: Young Stock Hunter/Hack
1st Debbie Squires with Distinctive
2nd Emma Buck with H V Valentine
3rd Paul Weston with Happy Hour

Class 13: Mixed Coloured Horses/Ponies Ridden
1st Olivia Sinclair-Criddle on Budley
2nd Daisy Pollard on Deiver
3rd Amy Pollard on Tuppence

Mixed Coloured Horses/Ponies In Hand
1st Debbie Squires on Distinctive
2nd Molly Gibbons on Craclin Rose
3rd Logan Clarke on Enzo

Class 14: Best Veteran
1st Emma Buck with Stealing Moments
2nd Izzy Hopson with Ruby
3rd Isabelle Sheasby with Bramble
Oldest veteran Christopher Pendarves with Mouth

Champion Classess 12 to 14
Champion - Olivia Sinclair-Criddle with Budley
Reserve - Emma Buck with Stealing Moments

Class 15: Exmoor Pony 4yrs & over
1st Gemma Parry with Hawkwell Clementine
2nd April Watts-Litte with Anchor's Kryptonite 

Class 16: Exmoor yearling 2 or 3yr old
1st Lloyd Parry with Morning Glory Ruby Rose

Exmoor Championship - Charlotte Matravers & Tawbitts Alfred

Class 17: Mountain & Moorland 4yrs incl Exmoor
1st April Watts-Little on Anchor's Kryptonite
2nd Amy Entwhistle on Lily May
3rd Ruby Marchant on Teddy

Class 18: Mountain & Moorland 4yrs & over
1st Ruby Marchant on Teddy

Class 19: Mountain & Moorland yearling 2 or 3yr old
1st Sue Popham with Brynley Reko
2nd Jo Kelly with Ridley Traveller

Championship Classes 15-19
Champion - Sue Popham & Brynley Reko
Reserve - April Watts-Little & Anchor's Kryptonite

Jumping Classes

Class 20: Nursery Stakes - led

Class 21: Nursery Stakes - not led

Class 22: Novice 60cm
1st Katie Floyd on Monty
2nd Jessica Bosley on Lancelot
3rd Alexa Bosley on Stormsy

Class 23: Open 70cm
1st Daisy Bishop on Lettie
2nd Olivia Day on My Milo
3rd Rebecca Lowen on Misty Madam

Class 24: Scurry 70cm
1st Ben Jones on Florence
2nd Tabitha Howard on Dolly Mix


Section A 7 yrs and under
1st Angus Neetberg on Rosie - 19 points
2nd Erica Hanny on Chico - 16 points
3rd Florence Parker on Bruce - 14 points

Section B 8-12yrs
1st Harriet Vigars on Poppy - 24 points
2nd Kaleb Neetberg on Charly - 18 points

Section C Open
1st Sam Lock on Tia - 24 points
2nd Gracy White on Jonty - 18 points
Joint 3rd Sophie White on Brager - 12 points 

Memorial class - Liz Davis with Toots

Pedigree classes
Puppy 6-12 months - Grace Jones with Ralph
Sporting - Sue Pawley with Jimmy
Non-sporting - Carole Burnett with Cuba
Open - Neil Mansbridge with Willow
Champion - Neil Mansbridge with Willow

Res Champion - Carole Burnett with Cuba

Bitch - Chris Hall with Dill
Dog -
Marie McLean with Tumble

Bitch - Jane Walter with Trifle
Dog - Natasha Larby with Benji

Family Dog Show
Child handler 8 under - Clover with Lottie
Child handler 9 over -
Tia with Willow
Best crossbred -
Alex with Rufus
Best condition small -
Kasia with El Nino
Best condition large - 
Julie with Lana
Handsomest dog -
Jess with Doug
Prettiest bitch -
Lyn with Mia
Pair/family group -
Zoe with Snatch and Hunter
Veteran -
Fiona with 13yr old Jasper

Pride of Porlock - Jess with Doug (Westcotts working huntaway)
Best trick -
Linda Fisher with Sprat who preformed a huge bag of tricks!
Dog judge wants to take home -
Charlotte with Tusker
Champ show - Liz Davis with Toots (Whippet cross)
Res champ -
Alex with Rufus (Golden doodle)

We would like to thank the Pet Centre, Alcombe for their generous donation of wonderful prizes.


Best female pair

1st G Atkins
2nd D Butt
3rd Brown and Allum

Old ram

1st G Atkins
2nd J Scripps
3rd D Butt

Shearling Ram

1st S Routley
2nd S Routley
3rd R Atkins

Ram lamb

1st G Atkins
2nd S Tarr
3rd G Atkins

Old ewe

1st G Atkins
2nd D Butt
3rd Lady Acland

Shearling ewe

1st D Butt
2nd R Atkins
3rd G Atkins

Ewe lamb

1st S Tarr
2nd G Atkins
3rd G Atkins

Exmoor Mule lamb

1st G Kingscote
2nd G Kingscote
3rd R Atkins

Exmoor Mule 2 tooth

1st G Kingscote
2nd M Buckingham
3rd G Kingscote

Junior Showman (10 yrs & under)

1st E Atkins
2nd G Tucker
3rd M Atkins

Junior Showman (14 yrs & under)

1st M Atkins
2nd O Routley
3rd C Tucker

Junior Showman champion

E Atkins

Reserve Junior Showman champion

M Atkins

Overall champion

S Tarr

Reserve champion

G Atkins

Cup for most points

G Atkins

Best pair of 2022 horns

1st M Fook
2nd M Fook
3rd M Fook

Best single horn 2022

1st D Edmonds
2nd K Westcott
3rd K Wetscott

Best pair of horns (pre-2022)

1st J Sully
2nd M Fook
3rd J Sully

Best single horn (pre-2022)

1st R Follett
2nd J Sully
3rd J Sully

Best pair spring horns (Derek Hicks plate)

1st L Acreman
2nd L Acreman
3rd S Hyde

Best single spring horn

1st J Sully
2nd G Lancelles
3rd L Acreman

Best inbetween horn

1st H Passmore
2nd D Edmonds
3rd Chidgey

Most unusual horn

1st L Acreman
2nd J Sully
3rd H Passmore


M Fook

Reserve champion

L Acreman

Congratulations to all winners and a huge thank you to everyone who entered. we look forward to seeing you all next Year!

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