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Results 2019

Horse Show

Open Hunter: Cassie Gardner on Vinnie; Kate Carter on Merlin; Sian Tedstone on Joker.

Riding Horse: Emily Catford on Remastered; Kate Carter on CJ; Sally Ellis Gray on Annandale Red Heather.

Retrained racehorse: Laura Parker on Chance du Roy; Georgina Langley on Silver Glas; Sian Tedstone on Joker.

Working Hunter: Kate Carter on Merlin; Georgina Langley on Newton Lady Jane; Cassie Gardner on Frank.

Working Pony: Molly Boon on Zack; Jane Reynier-Yates on Bincombe Pilgrim; Georgina Ambler on Hudson.

Best Turned Out: Elise Washer on Diplomat; Poppy Boon on Mystery; Zara Westcott on Penny.

First Ridden Pony: Zara Westcott on Penny; Emily Illing on Wilma; Elise Washer on Prince.

Childs Pony: Grace Takle on Pipers Spirit; Fliss Gostling on Little Ash Brandy; Rosie Burge on Sarah.

Pony Club Type Pony: Fliss Gostling on Little Ash Brandy; Molly Boon on Zack; Georgina Ambler on Hudson.

Championship classes 1-5 & 7-1: Champion - Cassie Gardner on Vinnie

Reserve - Laura Parker on Chance du Roy

Fancy Dress: Max Stevens on Berry; Mia Harris on Teddy; Sophia Scott on Primrose.

Young Stock: Amanda Bubear-Gammon & Hawklands Two Time Archie; Kate Carter & Hurley Burley; Kathryn Chilcott & Quantocks Big Teddy.

Mixed Coloured: Abigail Lewis on Whitlock Cookie Monster; Sarah Jones on Indie; Kathryn Chilcott & Quantocks Big Teddy.

Best Veteran: Emma Buck & Stealing Moments; Jane Reynier-Yates & Bincombe Pilgrim; Janet Ackner & Henry.

Oldest Veteran: Lizzie Hobdell & Nessie - 28 years old.

Championship classes 12-14: Champion - Amanda Bubear-Gammon & Hawklands Two Time Archie

Reserve - Abigail Lewis & Whitlock Cookie Monster.

Exmoor Pony 4 years & over: Charlotte Matravers & Tawbitts Alfred; Sam Harris & Blue Jay

Exmoor Yearling, 2 or 3 year old: Heidi Burnell & Withypool Crickies Prince; Charlotte Matravers & Tawbitts Man; Gemma Parry & Tawbitts Megs Margot.

Mountain & Moorland Ridden: April Watts-Little on Blodwen; Sam Harris on Blue Jay; Max Atkins on Queenie.

Mountain & Moorland In Hand: Vicky Stephens & MDB; Deborah Prestwick & Jack; Ed Prestwick & Richmond Affra.

Mountain & Moorland Yearling, 2 or 3 year old: Sue Popham & Treflan Elfred; Hannah Ball & Toffee; Angela Holroyd & Chilcombe Ring a Ring a Rosies.

Championship Classes 15-19: Champion - Vicky Stephens & MDB

Reserve - Sue Popham & Treflan Elfred.

Best Exmoor - Heidi Burnell & Withypool Crickies Prince

Reserve - Charlotte Matravers & Tawbitts Alfred

Jumping Classes

Nursery Stakes - led: Olivia Brown on Crispin; Charlotte Brown on Syrup; Teddy Ambler on Ernie.

Nursery Stakes - not led: Grace Takle on Pipers Spirit; Amelia Marsh on Doris; Estella Fawden on Pepper.

Restricted 2' - Tilly Jacoby-Kelly on Clearwell Surprise; Tom Andrews on Felix; Rebecca Lowen on Blackjack.

Scurry 2' 3" - Tom Andrews on Felix; Daniel Fawden on Pepper; Amy Miller on Caspar.

Pairs relay - Daniel Fawden on Pepper & Cecilia Fawden on Jeremy; Karen Washer on Dippy & Amy Miller on Casper; Tom Andrews on Felix & Tilly Jacoby-Kelly on Clearwell Surprise.

Novice 2' 6" - Tom Andrews on Felix; Amy Miller on Dippy; Cecilia Fawden on Jeremy.

Open 2' 6" - Ella Tytler on Basil; Tom Andrews on Felix; Teresa Clark on Bathwick Scanner.

Scurry 2' 9" - Cecilia Fawden on Jeremy; Ella Tytler on Basil; Tanisha Little on Mountain Quest.

Open 3' - Tamara King on Flicker; Ella Tytler on Basil; Tanisha Little on Mountain Quest.

Chase me Charlie - Tamara King on Flicker; Ella Tytler on Basil.

Junior Gymkhana - Hayden Burland on Ginger; Harriet Vigars on Poppy; Charlotte Brown on Syrup.

Senior Gymkhana - Tom Andrews on Felix; joint 2nd - Olivia Brown on Crispin & Zara Westcott on Penny; Alice Tytler on Bebop.

Open Gymkhana - Emily Burge on Sarah; Ashley Dascombe on Alfie; Alice Tytler on Bebop.


  1. Best female pair T Atkins & Sons, Lady Acland, Mrs J Scripps
  2. Old ram Mrs J Scripps, T Atkins & Sons, A & C Brown
  3. Shearling Ram (Ley cup) Lady Acland, Lady Acland, Mrs J Scripps
  4. Ram lamb D Butt, A & C Brown, T Atkins & Son
  5. Old ewe Mrs J Scripps, D Butt, Mrs D Potter
  6. Shearling ewe T Atkins & Sons, T Atkins & Sons, Mrs J Scripps
  7. Ewe lamb T Atkins & Sons, T Atkins & Sons, Lady Acland
  8. Exmoor mule lamb Mrs J Scripps
  9. Exmoor mule 2tooth Mrs J Scripps
  10. Junior Showman (10 yrs & under) T Atkins, W Potter, M Atkins
  11. Junior Showman (14 yrs & under) J Potter

Champion (Dick Tucker cup) Mrs J Scripps

Reserve Champion T Atkins & Sons

Opposite sex to Champion (Sleep & Down cup) T Atkins & Sons

Champion Junior Showman (Melanie Davis cup) Master T Atkins

Most points in classes (Bill Hadley cup) T Atkins & Sons

Best Exmoor Mule sheep (Melanie Davis cup) Mrs J Scripps


  1. Best pair of 2019 horns G Lancelles, D Moger, L Acreman
  2. Best single 2019 horn W Lock, L Acreman, G Lancelles
  3. Best pair of pre-2019 horns J Sully, M Acreman, L Acreman
  4. Best single pre-2019 horn L Acreman, G Lancelles, G Lancelles
  5. Best pair of spring horns (D Hicks plate) L Acreman, L Acreman, D Edmonds
  6. Best Single spring horn A Stapleton, P Chidgey, L Acreman
  7. Best inbetween horn L Acreman, R Follett, W Lock
  8. Most unusual horn L Acreman, T Chilcott, R Follett

Champion (M Westcott cup) J Sully

Reserve Champion G Lancelles



  1. Puppy M Stratford (Maudie)
  2. Sporting B Palmer (Bracken)
  3. Non-sporting J Locke (Lana)
  4. Open A Smith (Jackson)

Champion A Smith (Jackson)

Family Dog Show

  1. Child handler (8 & under) F Tucker (Trixie)
  2. Child handler (9 & over) A Neighbour (Lola)
  3. Best Crossbred D Weston (Dottie)
  4. Best Condition, small S Millear (Flo)
  5. Best Condition, large N Larby (Benji)
  6. Handsomest Dog Grace (Odi)
  7. Prettiest Bitch D Wilkins (Pudding)
  8. Pair or family group C Farrar (Willow, Razzlw & Teasle)
  9. Pair most unalike A Jones (Mia & Ellie)
  10. Veteran S Gibson (Ronnie)
  11. Waggiest tail Z Rivers (Bones)
  12. Pride of Porlock L Saunders (Ada)
  13. Dog, judge like to take home M Dascombe (Mavis)
  14. Best trick L Bushell (Mia)


  1. 1a) Jack Russell puppy F Burrows (Jip)

1b) Coloured puppy L Jackson (Jess)

  1. Smoot J R dog - A Stapleton (Duster)
  2. Rough J R dog F Burrows (Sonic)
  3. Border dog L Jackson (Max)
  4. Lakeland dog T Pincombe (Apsy)
  5. Patterdale dog Nigel (Brock)
  6. Crossbred dog J Atkins (Tommie)
  7. Smooth J R bitch F Burrows (Peanut)
  8. Rough J R bitch F Burrows (Pixie)
  9. Border bitch L Jackson (Bess)
  10. Lakeland bitch J Apps (Hasty)
  11. Patterdale bitch Mandy (Quinn)
  12. Crossbred bitch L Jackson (Mel)
  13. Any working terrier (Havoc)
  14. Pairs Caroline (Copper & Curl)
  15. Veteran J Apps (Hebe)
  16. Pride of Exmoor F Burrows (Poppy)

Champion F Burrows (Sonic)

Res Champion J Apps (Hasty)


  1. Margaret Rook Memorial class J Locke (Lana)
  2. Lurcher puppy R Body (Nevaeh)
  3. Whippet puppy H Bromfield (Matilda)
  4. Rough dog over 23 S Body (Marshall)
  5. Rough bitch over 23 R Body (Breeze)
  6. Smooth dog over 23 J Mitchell (Skittle)
  7. Smooth bitch over 23 L Pope (Siren)
  8. -
  9. Rough bitch under 23 S Doel (Orka)
  10. Smooth dog under 23 P Hill (Harvey)
  11. Smooth bitch under 23 R Body (Reema)
  12. Lurcher under 21 dog or bitch C Hill (Fae)
  13. Pair or family group S Bamford (Dounia & Dabka)
  14. Poachers companion C Hill (Fae)
  15. Sight hound class S Bamford (Dounia)
  16. Veteran K Watson (Floki)
  17. Pride of Exmoor R Gould (Gem)

Champion L Pope (Siren)

Res. Champion R Body (Breeze)



Champion P Langdon (Sooty)

Reserve Champion P Langdon (Sweep)

Lurcher under

Champion C Hill (Els)

Reserve Champion J Humphries (Flybye)

Lurcher over

Champion J Williams (Rue)

Reserve Champion M Saunders (Paris)

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